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Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care for New Yorkers with serious mental illness, chronic health conditions and/or substance use disorders. CBC brings together over fifty community based health and human services organizations which provide access to quality treatment, housing, employment and other needed services.

CBC operates two related service entities:

  • A Health Home provides care coordination services to tens of thousands of New Yorkers of all ages, with 50+ community-based care management agencies located in all five boroughs.
  • An Independent Practice Association (IPA) includes a citywide network of New York State-licensed primary care, mental health and substance use treatment services, thousands of units of supportive housing, primary medical, recovery and support services, and assistance with concrete needs such as food, employment and housing.

Impact: CBC

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49 specialized Health Home case management programs for people with serious mental illness, HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse.
31 Article 32 licensed substance use disorder clinics.
Over 8,000 shelter/supportive housing beds with supportive services.
77 Article 31 comprehensive outpatient mental health clinics
Over 200,000 covered Medicaid lives
68 Article 28 medical clinics

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Jul 15, 2020
CBC Anti-Racism Resource Guide
Jun 10, 2020

Letter from the CEO

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I am thrilled to be at Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC), leading an innovative group of staff and agency partners in this transformative period of healthcare in New York.  As a member-led organization, comprised of the city’s largest health and human services agencies, delivering a vast array of critical medical, behavioral and social services to New Yorkers, CBC is on the forefront of this exciting system transformation.

Not only is CBC one of the State’s largest designated lead Health Homes for adults and children but we are also an Independent Practice Association (IPA) established to ensure long term sustainability of our network members by leveraging collective market strength to become the premier community-based clinically integrated behavioral health care network in New York City.  By doing so, we will have the capacity to take advantage of value based contracting as well as develop innovative care models with DSRIP PPSs and MCOs and better integrate the continuum of behavioral, physical and support services IPA members provide so we can improve the outcomes and lives for individuals we serve.

CBC is embarked on multiple innovative, community-based care coordination/care transitions programs that have demonstrated robust outcomes in a very short period of time. CBC’s community-based service offerings range from traditional Health Home care coordination to more preventative care management, such as the Staten Island Community At-Risk Engagement Services (SICARES) to the more high-touch/high-intensity, time limited Pathway Home Model. CBC is about to embark on a community hot-spotting pilot to address the unmet needs of a high-utilizing/high-cost population.

As the recipient of a New York State Behavioral Health Value Based Payment Readiness Program (BHCC) award, CBC is now poised to develop and create a technology and data analytic platform that will enable the IPA to better understand, manage and predict the service patterns, utilization and costs of the individuals receiving care in our network agencies as well as ascertain and monitor quality and outcomes across the continuum.

I can think of no better place to be at than CBC, where the promise of an integrated clinical delivery system, improved outcomes and system reform are well within reach. This is truly an exciting time to be at the helm of CBC.

Jorge R. Petit, MD