The Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) network, comprised of over 50 provider agencies, offers a citywide array of mental health, substance use, medical and social services reaching nearly 100,000 Medicaid recipients each year. The CBC Innovations Conference offers a chance to highlight novel ways our providers agencies are impacting members through their innovative direct services, and how together we are building momentum to become an integrated network.

Last year our Inaugural Conference was attended by over 200 community-based providers in the behavioral health field including government entities, payors, program staff, IT vendors and strategy consultants. The event established the CBC network as a Practice-Based Approach Hub. The Hub has enabled us to create an environment where it’s easier to bring unique programs and services to scale through enhanced support for evaluation and training. In our Hub model, we can more effectively identify distinct services in our network that close gaps in care, and elevate them to impact practices across our network, policies beyond our network and the way critical services we provide are paid for.

At CBC’s 2020 Innovations Conference, a select group of panelists and presenters will be invited again to showcase the diverse Practice-Based Approaches our network providers use to improve the well-being of individuals served. Through this call for poster presentations—practices and programs designed and delivered by our network providers will be shared at this event, creating an opportunity for the entire network to learn about the innovative approaches that exist within our network. Creating space to share these practice-based approaches is a critical step in our network’s growth toward being able to seamlessly identify and disseminate community-based practices that improve outcomes among the diverse communities we serve. The 2020 conference will have a particular focus on innovative programs for vulnerable populations such a transition age youth, those aging in place, first onset of mental illness and/or opioid users.


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