CBC has been providing care coordination services for adults through its Health Home since 2012.

As of August 2018, care management services are being provided to approximately 23,000 adults. CBC network agencies care for about one-half of the Medicaid recipients with mental health or substance use disorders who are eligible for, and would benefit from, Health Home services in NYC.

In providing services to this highly vulnerable population, CBC’s Health Home offers a range of services to adults, including:

  • Comprehensive care coordination to assist each person enrolled receive quality, coordinated medical and behavioral healthcare services;
  • Education and support for managing chronic medical and behavioral disorders to improve overall health;
  • Transition services designed to reduce unnecessary use of inpatient and emergency service;
  • Help addressing housing and/or economic instability that can undermine health and adherence to treatment;
  • Support in addressing each individual’s non-medical recovery goals, such as obtaining employment, social skill development, and social re-integration into the community; and
  • Other necessary individual and family support.

For a list of care management agencies, click here.