CBC has provided care coordination services for adults through its Health Home since 2012.

CBC’s CMAs care for roughly one-half of NYC’s Medicaid recipients with mental health or substance use disorders who are eligible for—and would benefit from—Health Home services.

CBC’s Health Home offers a range of resources to this vulnerable population, including:

  • Comprehensive care coordination to ensure each enrollee receives quality, coordinated medical and behavioral health services;
  • Education and support with management of chronic medical and behavioral disorders to improve overall health;
  • Transition services designed to reduce unnecessary use of inpatient and emergency service;
  • Linkage to housing and/or economic opportunities that can reinforce health and adherence to treatment; and
  • Advocacy for non-medical recovery goals, such as obtaining employment, social skills development, and reintegration into the community.

For a list of the care management agencies in CBC’s Health Home, click here.