In contrast to its name, a Health Home (HH) is not a building or residence. Rather, it is a model of care coordination for Medicaid beneficiaries who have complex chronic illnesses and/or behavioral health disorders.

Once an individual enrolls in a Health Home, s/he becomes a member and is matched with a care manager, who works with him or her to stay healthier by providing:

  • Assistance accessing needed medical and behavioral health care, such as making appointments, arranging transportation and accompanying them to appointments when necessary;
  • Transition assistance to put in place follow-up care after a hospital stay or an emergency room visit; and
  • Help to find supportive housing or access benefits such as Social Security and food supports, such as SNAP.


By using Health Home services, members can access quality treatment and support in the community. Each member’s individualized community services are coordinated by a care manager. As a result, Health Home members are:

  • More likely to receive preventive medical care;
  • Less likely to overuse of the emergency room for routine healthcare; and
  • Less likely to get sick enough to require hospital admission.


Who is eligible for a Health Home?

A person of any age can enroll in a Health Home if s/he receives Medicaid and has:

  • A serious mental illness (or serious emotional disturbance in children), or
  • HIV/AIDS, or
  • Two or more serious chronic medical conditions, including a substance use disorder, or
  • Complex trauma (children only).


How are Health Home services accessed?

Individuals with Medicaid who are eligible for a Health Home can get information on how to enroll in CBC’s Health Home here. Once enrolled, they will be matched with a Care Manager who speaks their language. Working with individuals in their home community, the Care Manager helps them find services they need and want from the citywide CBC Health Home service network that includes hospitals, community medical and mental health clinics, substance use treatment programs, and supportive housing.