In partnership with the Bronx Partnership for Healthy Communities PPS, CBC’s Bronx-based Critical Time Intervention (CTI) program provides time-limited inpatient-to-community care transition services to adults with serious mental illness who are homeless.

Our program provides intensive care management support in order to improve individuals’ engagement with community-based health care services and programs that address the social determinants of health.

CBC’s program follows the evidence-based CTI approach, which promotes pre-hospital discharge engagement and intensive community support and care coordination during the critical months post hospitalization. The program ensures that barriers to accessing care are mitigated, while individuals learn how to manage their own medications and health needs, reducing reliance on emergency services. Support is also offered around their housing needs and when possible connections are made to CBC member agencies that provide housing.

Our Bronx CTI team offers:

  • Hospital engagement beginning on the unit, involvement in discharge planning, and a needs assessment of community transition supports essential to stabilizing the individual;
  • Health education and connection to primary care to address physical health issues that impact an individual’s ability to successfully live in the community;
  • Peer support from individuals with shared experiences;
  • Short term counseling (substance use, coping skills, trauma informed, decision making);Short term counseling (substance use, coping skills, trauma informed, decision making);
  • Linkages and appointments with community providers of outpatient clinics and programs for individuals with SMI and SUD, clubhouses, vocational and educational programs, and other services that are paramount to successful transitions;
  • Facilitate enrollment and engagement with Health Home and ACT services; and
  • Skills-building and engagement, with an emphasis on identifying goals that help provide the participants with the motivation to take care of their health and learn the skills needed to be successful in community housing.

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