Reducing reliance on emergency room services by adults with a primary diagnosis of mental illness or substance use disorder is key to improve quality of care and better managing Medicaid expenditures.

CBC CrisisCare is designed to:

  • Reduce use of emergency services to meet behavioral health treatment needs
  • Increase use of mental health, substance use and primary ambulatory care services
  • Improve health status
  • Deliver a higher quality of life.


These services are not intended to replace emergency rooms for Medicaid beneficiaries, but will reduce reliance on them by providing time-sensitive and effective crisis services supported by a comprehensive network of community-based services.

As a result, individuals will find timely help for behavioral health crises and urgent needs in the community, with a special focus on preserving current housing for the individual in crisis.

With sustainable funding, CBC plans to offer mobile crisis services affiliated with New York State Office of Mental Health-licensed treatment programs.