CBC’s Ambulatory Detox model of care provides a safe, person-centered outpatient treatment alternative to (or next step following) inpatient detox.

Every day in New York City, individuals with a range of opiate, alcohol, benzodiazepine, cocaine and other addictions present in hospital emergency departments needing medically-managed detoxification (detox). The majority are admitted to an inpatient unit because of the dearth of ambulatory alternatives.

Regrettably, there is a high readmission rate for hospital-delivered and residential detox—locally and nationwide—largely because quick detoxification treatment is not effective. Nationally, patients often leave detoxification units without effective linkage to the outpatient treatment needed for long term abstinence.

To help address this challenge, CBC developed an alternative model to inpatient detox in partnership with Samaritan Daytop Village (SDV). This novel Ambulatory Detox approach offers Healthfirst® members compassionate and comprehensive care at SDV’s Jamaica Outpatient Treatment Program in Queens.

Using a team-based approach, the Substance Use Therapy and Recovery Treatment (START™) model combines the expertise of both a physician and therapist with the support of a certified peer specialist. This progressive continuum of care enables clients to feel empowered and supported to stay the course in their everyday lives while pursuing treatment.


Included in this enhanced level of safe, patient-centered services are:

  • Comprehensive assessment and evaluation of treatment and support needs;
  • Personalized level of care and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to rapidly address withdrawal symptoms and manage cravings;
  • Direct one-on-one peer support;
  • Expedited access to CBC’s comprehensive service network for medical care, mental health services, supportive housing and more;
  • Linkage to Health Home and other longer-term treatment, support and follow-up services; and
  • Close partnership with the individual’s primary care physician and other healthcare practitioners to coordinate care in all phases of treatment.


Click here for more information on Samaritan Daytop Village’s START™ program.