Project Connect seeks to connect individuals involved in the criminal justice system with health home services

Our services are designed to assure access at all criminal justice intercept points to appropriate and justice informed primary and behavioral health care, reduce the cost and barriers to care continuity associated with avoidable use of emergency departments and inpatient hospitals, jails and prisons, while at the same  reducing recidivism.

We promote activities, approaches and evidence based interventions that foster development of therapeutic alliances with members to avoid disruptions in treatment, establish systemic linkages, and bring proficient and culturally appropriate services for criminal justice–involved individuals.

Our Project Connect Criminal Justice Initiative offers:

  • In-Person Justice-Informed Member Engagement specialist, to assist with engagement and enrollment into health home services at known criminal justice intercept points;
  • Strategic use of health information technology solutions and warm handoffs to minizine disruptions in care and enhance continuity;
  • Linkage to criminal justice agencies, including federal, state and local government units;
  • Training, education, and support in the delivery of criminal justice informed and culturally competent responsive care.

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