In partnership with the Staten Island Performing Provider System, CBC’s Staten Island CARES (SI CARES) offers free health coaching and community support to eligible Staten Island residents.

The program has a preventative approach as it works specifically with individuals who have one chronic health condition and appear to be at risk of worsening health. By coordinating care with local primary care physicians, specialist doctors and through patient education, our health coaches enable participants to independently manage their health care and live longer healthier lives.

Our SI CARES teams offer:

  • Health education and connection to primary care to address physical health issues that impact a patient’s ability to successfully live in the community;
  • Patient navigation to specialized medical appointments addressing a chronic health condition;
  • Skills-building and engagement, with an emphasis on identifying goals that help provide the participants with the motivation to take care of their health and learn the skills needed to be successful in community housing; and
  • Connection to food pantries, benefit support, vocational and educational programs, and other services that are paramount to stable community living.

In 2016, CBC’s SI CARES program served over 1,700 Medicaid recipients, leading to a significant increase in the number of Staten Island residents with connection to health care services.

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